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Basic Ways to Care for Your Watch

Whatever the price of your watch, take care of it as much as you can – it can be good for a lifetime with consistent upkeep. If you have no idea how to do it, no worries. The steps are quite elementary. There’s no need for any special tools; you only need to genuinely care for your timepiece.

The Essentials

Do not clean your watch using any chemicals or fluids. The safest method is wiping it with a microfibre cleaning cloth that probably came with your watch when you bought it. Also, don’t ever place your watch in your pocket. When you just have to put it there, be sure to wrap it, especially the glass. And don’t wear it on the same wrist as any other metal jewelry to avoid scratching the sides. Before adjusting your time, be sure to remove the watch first; not doing so can put pressure on the crown stem and cause it to snap.

Regular Servicing

Generally speaking, watch brands recommend servicing after every three (automatic) to five (quartz) years. There are brands, however, that have extended this to five to ten years. Servicing is crucial in maintaining the smooth functioning of your watch. Just like an automobile, a watch should also maintain good lubrication. Else, the components of the timepiece can corrode, hence compromising its function. After one to two years, have an expert check your watch for water resistance too – seals can weaken after a while. And while you’re at it, have your watch polished too – not too frequently though because this could weaken the bracelet as the metal wears away).

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Avoiding Electrical Appliances

Always be conscious of the possibility that watches can become magnetized. This is could be bad for any timepiece, especially mechanical ones, because they can make the watch run too fast. So keep your watch away from all kinds of electrical devices, like your washing machine, TV, and the rest.

Back in the Box

When not using your watch, put it back in its original container where it can be safe. When traveling, keep your watch in a pouch, which will likely be provided by the manufacturer after servicing. Or just wrap the watch in a fabric that is soft and safe enough. If you have a bracelet watch, make sure the metal doesn’t touch crystal as this can cause scratches.

That Good Old Toothbrush

A spent toothbrush can be your best friend as far as cleaning your metal watch bracelets is concerned. You can see a tremendous difference right after you brush gently between links and around the case. But do ensure that your timepiece is waterproof before you do this, and that the button is screwed down if it has to be.

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